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It is more fun to follow your favorite stocks when you bet on them. - Kasper

Commission structure

Earn up to 40% commission with the BetOnFinance Affiliate Program ladder system.


For wagered amounts up to €5,000


For wagered amounts between €5,001 - €15,000


For wagered amounts above €15,000

Each calendar month affiliates are guaranteed a standard 30% revenue share for wagered amounts up to €5,000 for that month's totally generated net revenue. Generate up to €15,000 and that figure jumps to 35%; anything above will automatically give you 40% revenue share.
BetOnFinance will gladly assist you in CPA (cost per acquisition) plans. Please contact your affiliate manager directly at to discuss further.
No Negative Carry Over. There is no negative carry over on the affiliate program. Any negative commission is wiped out at the end of each calendar month.

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Reliable affiliate tools

Excellent commissions structures

No negative carry over to subsequent months

Lifetime revenue

Key Game Benefits

100% Bonus on first deposit

Up to DKK 1.000.

New game concept:

You bet on which stocks you think will be winners or losers relative to the other stocks in a specific market on a given day – Just like in a horse race.

Pool Games:

Betting against other players not against the house. No fixed odds i.e. never any unfavourable results for the house like in sports betting.

Bet before the market opens:

You can bet on the winners or losers in a specific market up to five trading days in advance.

Live Games:

Giving players the opportunity to see how the market has developed during the first trading hours of the day before they place their bets.

Gaming Tutorials:

Dedicated video tutorials available.


You have a broad range of tools and reports to help you market the brand. Industry leaders, Income Access, provides the platform, which includes a dashboard where instant monthly stats are displayed as well as many tabs where you can:

Run detailed earning reports  |  Obtain comprehensive traffic/banner reports   |  Extract marketing materials  |  Pull referral reports

Why join?

BetOnFinance is a new online gambling operator. Our newly developed gaming system merges financial and betting markets, thereby allowing anyone to participate in financial markets. Our aim is to offer affiliate partners the best earnings prospects and a superior platform, which enables our partners to gain insights via innovative tracking tools, helping you to optimize performance. Smooth and reliable payments are the foundation of a great partnership upon joining this exciting new venture.

With some training on BetOnFinance I can see myself investing in the stock markets in the future! - Ahmed Saidane

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